NCHills Autonomous Council Employees Union agree to withdraw protest

Haflong, July 26: The protesting employees union of the normal sector of NCHAC have agreed to withdraw the agitation and fully ensured the normal functioning of office works from Monday next, i.e July 28, 2014. This was reported by DIPRO Purabi Phonglo in a press release this evening received just now. Read more »

Blood Donation Camp at Haflong








Haflong, July 15: A Blood Donation Camp is being  held in Civil Hospital, Haflong, Dima Hsaso today ,the camp was organized by the Haflong  based 43 Assam Rifle Battalion on the occasion of  2nd raising day of HQ IGAR (East) in continuation to their civic action Program for the benefit of the people in the Hills District.  Read more »

New DIPRO Meet the Local Media Persons

(L) New DIPRO Purobi along with SDIPRO L.Joute in her left.














 (L) New DIPRO Purobi along with SDIPRO L.Joute in her left.

Haflong, July 18,2014 : The new District Information and Public Relation Officer Ms Purobi Phonglo called on all the local media persons in the office chamber of DIPRO, Haflong at 1PM on 15th July 2014 just for interaction and acquaintance. Read more »

48 Hr Dima Hasao Bandh Concluded Peacefully

Nirmal Singh
Haflong, July 23: The 48hr. Dima Hasao Bandh started from 22nd July was concluded today peacefully. While, no untoward incident took place in the district said Amjed Ali, OC Haflong police station till report came in.  Read more »

Anti dengue month 2014 observed

Haflong, July 18: Anti dengue month, 2014 was today observed at the office chamber of Joint Director, Medical Health Services, Haflong. Read more »

DCC Claims State Govt to Support NCHAC,Appeal Employees Stop Agitation

Haflong, 25 July 2014 : With a request to ensure normal functioning of the Council to the NCHAC Employees Union, the Dima Hasao District Congress Committee claim that the Chief Minister of Assam is taking concrete steps to resolve the ongoing salary and revenue issues of the Congress ruled North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council, Haflong, at the level meeting convened by him on 17th of July ‘14 at Dispur, in the presence of Minister for HAD and top officials of Govt. of Assam, both the CEMs’ and officials of NCHAC & KAAC. Read more »

10th Day Enters Dharna by NCHAC Employees Demands Payment of Salary

Haflong, July 25 : Council’s office remain closed on the 10th day of dharna by employees on 25 July since 16th July 2014. Since the commencement of the agitation on 16th July 2014, large number of employees sat daily infornt of the Council for a full length of office hours, displaying the Portrait of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi’ to show their agitation as non-violence – non-co operation. Read more »

When woman touch

When woman touch anything, its different. So, does Rathika differently and her photos become alive, capture social life of animals and birds. (Photo by Rathika Ramswami, the first India’s female wildlife photograher. Courtesy electic VIBES September 2011) Read more »

New Haflong BG Rly Station Inaugurated In Dima Hasao

Haflong, July 10,2014: The New Haflong BG railway station was formally inaugurated on July 4,2014 by the General Manager (Construction) Shri. R K Singh at 11:30 AM in the presence of the Chief Engineer ,BG construction R P Jigar, Railway officials, dignitaries and general public. Read more »

Pre-Recruitment Training Conducts at Assam Rifles Camp of Gunjung










Gunjung, July 11,2014 : As a part of its drive to reach out to the youth and encourage youth empowerment, a pre-recruitment training drive to aid unemployed and qualified youth to gain employment in the Indian Armed Forces was conducted by the Assam Rifles Camp at Gunjung, Dima Hasao District (Assam) under the aegis of HQ 22 Sector Assam Rifles and HQ IGAR (East) from 10 to 19 July 2014 for the youth of the area. Read more »

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