Praiseworthy work of Indian Army – Conducting seminar for general public, separately for school children necessary

Many eye-witness senior citizens expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Indian Army in their rescue work at Mahadev Tilla from Tuesday to Thursday, i.e. June 26 to 28,2012. General public of Dima Hasao District (earlier N.C.Hills)for the first time witnessed such dedicated work of the Indian Army in helping civil public. They wondered how the Army came, taken prompt action, without asking any general public gathering there. They gathered themselves with private conversation among themselves, then ight have invited the cadres of KLO/KLA (Assam) or the KLO/KLA (A)might have joined the work of the Army. The dedicated work of the Army personnel became a house-hold talk in Songpijang villages.

The Police duty were there, maintaining the situation. But no one from Haflong could not cross the road, full, deep mud, and slippery debris.

Pastor (Retd.) T.S.Changsan told The Haflong Times “The Army had done a Good Samaritan work.  The KLO/KLA(Assam)had also done well. That is a good example”. Such praises are common among the senior citizens of Songpijang village.

The Police were also rendering their duty so well, maintaining the situation calmly even rain fall continues. If not, panic and rush of the general public would have caused more danger in the situation.

Until evening, the general public could not watched the works of the Army, Police, etc. of the other side and thought the road would not be opened within two or three days. When the Superintendent of Police came with Gipsy, crossing the blockade place, though the debris had not yet been cleared, the people hive a sight of relief. They understood the road, at last was opened by the Army and Police.

It is a felt necessity to organize seminar for the general public village-wise and for school children separately. That seminar will be awareness about how to behave or deal with such emergency situation. The District Administration had held some such awareness campaign in some places, especially in Haflong Cultural Institute Hall. But, such meetings are attended only by high officials and intellectuals. Some students used to attend but they were only brought by teachers to be present. The students could not felt the necessity of such seminars until organized separately for themselves. The most important section to teach is children below 15 years, say Nursery to Class X students. For them, such seminars should be conducted in their own class or school. Class-wise is recommended for up to Class VII students.

The Deputy Commissioner should delegate experience person for that in the presence of at least one Magistrate. Inspector of Schools may be entrusted to organize the seminar but at least one Magistrate must attend the programmed.

For the students of High School, Higher Secondary and Colleges common seminar may be conducted to be organized by Deputy Director/ Inspector of Schools but at least D.C. or one ADC must be present. For resource person Army Officer must be invited as a person having on spot experience. For the general public seminar should also be organized in village level by District Administration, entrusting the GB of the village to arrange the venue and gathering members from house-wise. In this village-wise seminar, an experience Engineer must also be entrusted for resource person for instructing how to safe-guard residential house and places. An Army Officer must also be invited to be resource person.

It is seen, till date, resource persons have been invited from Professors, etc. who is fluent enough to speak but are living and serving under roof. Exposed, field experienced persons must be entrusted for practical result whose teaching may be followed by the people in practical life.

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