8-days lockdown begins in Dima Hasao with Assam state to contain Covid-19

Haflong, March 24, 2020 : With rest of the state, 8-days lockdown begins from 6pm today, with the announcement made by S.Morang DSP as per the order of the government of Assam, which will continue till 12 midnight of March 31 to contain and prevent the spread of Corona Virus among the masses.
In Dima Hasao, even before the lockdown, the people have already observed closer of the district since the morning as per the order of the Chief Executive Member of N.C.Hills Autonomous Council and the Deputy Commissioner of the district.
All business establishment were closed, vehicles off the road and no people in the streets and towns, excepting those exempted and on duty. However, exempted likes grocery shops, pharmacies, banks ,post office ,telecom, electricity and other essential commodities like milk supply were opened, while few vehicles ply on the road with due permission during the day and some people were doing marketing till 6PM to get ready for total lockdown.
As per information, all the major towns of Dima Hasao like Haflong, Harangajao, Mahur, Maibang and Umrangso the local VDPs have blocked main roads to stop entry of outsiders.
Earlier, Assam government yesterday had declared an eight-day lockdown from 6 pm of 24th March 2020, today to 12 midnight of March 31, in a bid to check the spread of coronavirus and said violators would be jailed for up to two years. Announcing the decision, Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said as the number of positive cases were increasing rapidly in the country the government had to take a “strict” decision and asked people not to panic as essential services will be exempted.
While train services and inter-state public transport have been already stopped, there will be no inter-state movement of even private vehicles during the lockdown period.
Goods carriers will be exempted and domestic flight services will be restricted as many flights transport medical equipment.
Also, in view of the financial year end, treasury, banks and government offices associated with financial transaction will operate. Such government offices will operate with only “skeleton ten per cent staff”.
Congregation of more than three people at a time at any religious place has been banned.
The minister said violators of the lockdown will invite a jail term of six months at the first instance and two years at the second.
“Lockdown doesn’t mean that offices and markets are closed. It means people will have to stay indoors. In case they want to procure any stuff, they can go to their nearby groceries. Police will take appropriate action in case of violators and no casual approach will be tolerated,” the minister said, adding that if a state is going for an eight-day lockdown it means something serious has happened and the citizens need to cooperate. (with inputs from assamtribune)