A sit-in demonstration by Dima Hasao District Congress at Haflong

Haflong, December 2, 2019 : The Dima Hasao District Congress staged ‘Sit-in demonstration’ infront of DC office, Haflong on  30th November, 2019  against what they called the ‘total economic failures of the BJP government’.

The demonstration programme was attended by DHDCC President Nirmal Langthasa, MAC Joysing Durong, former EM Mahendra Kemprai and other leaders and members of the DHDCC, Mahila, and many workers.

Speaking on the occasion, Nirmal Langthasa,Joysing Durong, former EM Mahendra Kemprai and others  highlighted the various polices of the BJP affecting the general public, as per their version.

Reminding of the promises made by the BJP before election, they stated that the BJP could not fulfill their promises to the general public. Instead, all their promises to provide Rs. 15 lakhs to every citizens, 2 crores jobs every year, bring back black money from Foreign accounts, Appreciation of Rupee value and many more are all a failure.

Now, farmers are getting little for their produce meanwhile businessman are selling them at high rates, and Fuel price are rising, they said.

According to them, the much stressed of the BJP Government ‘Digital India and cashless economy’ itself is a failure as cash circulation is much more higher now than in UPA time; Make In India is just a hollow slogan, hundreds of factories have closed down due to Demonetization and GST, they added.