Action taken against Lockdown violators in Dima Hasao

Haflong, April 1, 2020: In spite of repeated reminding all people to stay at home, there have been complaints of people loitering unnecessarily and gathering at various corners around the district. Among such people, 5 persons have so far been taken into action but released later on bail after having arrested them from Haflong market for defying advisories on Novel Corona Virus.
Vehicles were seized and charged fine under various police stations since the announcement of lockdown on 24th March, 2020.
There has been an overall improvement with people gradually refraining from going outside home in entire Dima Hasao.
In a unique gesture, the Assam police in Dima Hasao was also seen distributing essential commodities to people apart from organising food session for the stray animals during the lockdown until the situation gets normal. Some NGOs in turn were also seen distributing juice and water bottles to the men in uniform at Haflong.
While 25 more people have been home quarantined taking the toll to 519. These people have been strictly advised to stay alert on precautionary measures due to their travel history from other states, countries or their entry to this district from neighbouring districts. Total of 2895 people in the district have been screened till date.