Banks to open 3 days in a week during 14 day Dima Hasao Lockdown

Haflong, July 12, 2020 : All Financial institutions of Dima Hasao districts are to operate three days in a week during 14 day Dima Hasao Lockdown.
The Deputy Commissioner & Chairman of District Disaster Management Authority issued the order which allow all financial institutions of the district like Banka, etc. to operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during 14days Dima Hasao Lockdown with 50% attendence of the officials.
The order vide u/s 34 of Disaster Management Act, 2005 was issued vide official order No. DDMA/COVID-19/2020-2021/Pt.3/49/260 Dated 10th July 2020. The order was notified in partial modification of the office Order No. DDMA/COVID-19/2020-2021/Pt.3/49/209 Dated 05th July 2020 and for the convenience of the general public and govt transactions all financial institutions are allowed to operate between 10 AM to 4 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with 50% of officials. Bank officials and customers shall have to wear masks, use hand sanitizers and maintain social distancing. Responsibility of maintenance of social distancing will be on the financial institutions and failure to do so will be viewed very seriously and may entail summary closures. The order comes into force with immediate effect.