CEM inaugurates various Approach roads at Umrangso

Haflong, November 23,2019 (HT) :  The Chief Executive Member of North Cachar Hills Aiutonomous Council Debolal Gorlosa on 22nd November 2019  inaugurates various approach roads at Umrangso.

As per his information in social media, the CEM, in the presence ofNCHAC Chairperson Smti. Ranu Langthasa, some EMs and MAC,  inaugurated approach roads like LG road to Miyungpur village Approach Road, Degree College to Kamala Bagan LP school Approach Road, Warplak to Haflong Road, and Karbi Club to Purana Employment exchange via New Garampani Approach Road
Later, a public meeting was held, which was also attended by Rajesh Kemprai, Commissioner and Special Secretary PWRD.