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Edward M. PioRoda/CNN
Edward M. PioRoda/CNN

Bernie Sanders responded to former Joe Biden’s attacks on the political feasibility of his “Medicare for All” plan, saying his policy objectives require involving “millions of people in the political process.” 

“I admit, it is a different type of campaign, because I’m not here to tell you vote for me, I’m going to do all these great things. Ain’t gonna happen that way. Never happens that way,” Sanders said. 

“That’s why we call our campaign us, not me,” he said. “Because I’m not going to tell you I can do it alone. I can’t do it alone. We need to all stand up to take on the power of the health care industry.” 

Biden has sharpened his attacks on Sanders’ health care proposal in recent days as he campaigns in New Hampshire. 

“People need hope now,” the former vice president said Tuesday in Nashua. “So we want real progressive change in health care. Real change, not just talk. And I’m the only one in this race who’s ever gotten a big health care reform bill through the Congress. It’s called Obamacare.” 

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