CORRIGENDUM Of the Inspector of Schools, Haflong (as published in ‘Haflong News’ on January 10,2020)


                              Please read “Local candidates will be given preference as per Govt. Circular No. HAD.110/86/24 Dtd. 27.08.1987” as per conditions mentioned for filling up of  Gr. III & IV staff vide NCHAC, Haflong Letter No. AC/SIU/1/15/2019-2020/85 Dtd. 18/12/2019, instead of the eligible criteria requiring “Submission of Permanent Residential Certificate of Dima Hasao district” as mentioned at Sl. No. 1(i) (e) in the Instruction to the candidates vide this office No. E-1/Pt. II (A)/Advertisement / Posts/ 2019/7899, Dtd. 19/12/2019,  E-1/Pt. II (A)/Advertisement / Posts/ 2019/3445-57, Dtd.05/09/2019,E-1/Pt. II (A)/Advertisement / Posts/ 2019/-Ele3458-70, Dtd.05/09/2019,