COVID-19 case in Dima Hasao reach 237 with 30 more fresh case

Haflong, August 12, 2020 : COVID-19 positive case has reached 237 in Dima Hasao with 30 fresh cases up to August 10, while 18 more positive cases have also been discharged making the total discharged to 192.

Meanwhile seven positive cases have migrated outside of the district. Now, 38 persons are still in active case.

The present figure, as per the data of DIPRO is :

Total Positive case – 237.

Total discharged – 192

Migrated – 07.

Active case – 38.

It may be noted that doctors and other health workers have been carrying out COVID-19 test among those who enter Dima Hasao from outside and also among the shop keepers, Auto Rickshaw Drivers and even among the villagers. This is being done as per instruction of the Government to check the spread of Corona virus. 

As per information, these teams have already covered many market places and villages.

The Deputy Commissioner & Charman of District Disaster Management Authority, Dima Hasao Paul Barua have also directed the Joint Director of Health & Family Welfare to conduct Rapit Antigen Test (RAT) in all Government offices, Police stations, among Assam Rifles, Fire & Emergency Services and 5th APBN, etc.

Report on August 11, 2020 : With detection of five more persons as COVID-19 positive, the total case in Dima Hasao has gone up to 207 on August 07.

Out of 207 total case, 174 have been discharged after they tested negative. Now 33 persons are still in active case.

It may be noted that the actual positive case detected till date is 212, but 5 have migrated outside the district. So, total positive case in Dima Hasao is recorded as 207.

Confirming the new positive case, DIPRO said, “5 numbers of Positive Cases from Dima Hasao entry point dated 07-08-2020”.

Among the 5 fresh cases, one each were from Diyungbra check gate and Ditokcherra check gate; while two were from Manderdisa check gate and another one person was a labour who  recently came from Nalbari to the Cement factory, Umrangso in Dima Hasao.

Report on  August  06, 2020 : As many as eight persons have been detected to be COVID-19 positive through RT-PCR test in Dima Hasao on August 01. Though more new cases have been reported, official confirmation is yet to received.

With the eight confirmed new cases, the total COVID-19 case in the district reached 191, out of which 156 patients have been discharged after they tested Negative. So, 35 persons are in active case.

Confirming the new cases at 9:00 P.M on August 01, the DIPRO said, “8 positive cases in Dima Hasao today all derived from RT-PCR test ( 2 Female and 6 Male). New Boro Haflong, Police Reserve Haflong, two persons from Haflong Police Station, Langting (Sivataipur) (Saiding) Maibang, 13 KM Umrangso and 3 KM Umrangso.”

There were 7 new cases on July 31. Among these, six are from the check gates, such as 3 from Diyungbra check gate, 2 from Ditokcherra check gate and 1 from Manderdisa

 check gate.

The other one is, a person who had earlier tested negative via RAT test at Diyungbra check gate has now tested positive through RT-PCR.

Updating the news at 5:00 P.M on July 31, DIPRO said, “7 new cases today. 6 from the check gates. 3 from Diyungbra check gate, 2 from Ditokcherra check gate and 1 from Manderdisa check gate.”

“1 person who had earlier tested negative via RAT test at Diyungbra check gate has now tested positive through RT-PCR, “ she added.

It is to be noted that result of the antigent test derives rapidly within an hour or less. Swab sample of those who tested negative through RAT are further sent for RT-PCR which are tested on laboratories that takes some days for result to arrive our district.

Therefore, it is very important for these people to be strictly on Home Quarantine to prevent the probable spread of COVID-19 in community level.Out of 27 active covid cases 25 are admitted in Isolation Ward at Haflong Civil Hospital.