Covid-19 recovery rate improves to 47.40 per cent

May 30, 2020 : Covid-19 cases has reached 1 lakh 73 thousand 763 in India. But there is a silver lining that the overall recovery rate has reached 47.40 in the country and a total of 82 thousand 370 patients have been cured so far.
On 25th March, when the lock down was enforced across the India, 43 people affected with corona virus were cured from Corona virus which was seven per cent of the total six hundred six cases. Health and Family Welfare Ministry data reveals that in different phases of lockdown, recovery rate has improved continuously. 
In the first phase of lockdown, the recovery rate reached to 11.42 percent and in the second phase it crossed the 27 per cent mark. During the third phase of lockdown which ended on 18th May, the figure of recovery rate reached to 38.29 per cent. At present, the highest recovery rate of 100 per cent has been recorded in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and in Mizoram. 

There are 17 States and Union Territories including Punjab, Chandigarh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Ladakh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, which are above the national recovery rate of 47.40 per cent.(NoA)