Dimasa Body condemn Indefinite Bandh Called by IPF, refutes its allegation

Haflong, February 10, 2020 :  The Dimasa civil bodies, in a joint Press release, today strongly Condemn and Oppose the indefinite  bandh called by self proclaimed Indigenous People’s Forum(IPF) from 11th of February,2020 which is totally illogical and unconstitutional. It will strongly affect the ongoing  H.S.L.C and  H.S.S.L.C Examinations 2020 and the common people of Dima Hasao as a whole, it says.

The Presidents of Dimasa Apex Body JNH,DSU,ADSU, DYF, DMA and DWS warn the leaders of IPF to take back their words with an apology for giving extremely provocative and communal statements in media and defaming Dimasa Community as a whole in their press release which will surely bring communal disharmony in the district.

Besides, they says, IPF’s demand for separate district on the basis of non-Dimasas being treated as second class citizens in the district is a utter false and fake propaganda and we oppose such kind of provoking and baseless statements. Instead on the other side each and every tribes enjoys the same rights in the district offered by the 6th Schedule to the Constitution Of India be it land rights; educational rights; voting rights;economic rights;preservation of identity,culture and tradition,etc irrespective  of  changing of the name of the district in 2010,since “DIMA HASAO” is derived from the word “CACHAR (= kachari)” of “NORTH CACHAR HILLS” which has nothing to do with the 6th Schedule rights given to us all as it’s the ancestral and constitutional rights of the Dimasas. Every tribe in Dima Hasao has thier own representative (EM & MAC) in the District Council including non-tribal brothers which we can witness from the recently nominated MACs­- one from Bengali Community and one from Gorkha Community,  So there is no question for political discrimination too and  so on what basis they are claiming their demand is totally baseless and absurd.

It , further, states that  IPF doesn’t represent every non-Dimasa brothers excluding some groups of Hmar and Zeme Community in Dima Hasao district and they have no authority to cite Statements for all our non-Dimasa brothers in Dima Hasao district. Rather they are trying to misguide the non-Dimasa populace of Dima Hasao to serve their nasty political interest . Infact they don’t consider Dimasa to be Indigenous because of which they have excluded from their so called “Indigenous” organisation which clearly shows their disrespect for Dimasa History and Dimasa Community as a whole.

They also says, “It is very disappointing and saddened to see a press release from a self claimed people’s organization(IPF), in which they bring out citations of the past incidents of communal violence in a very cheap manner and communal line by defaming one particular community in which that particular community are not alone accountable and responsible for as we all know it was a politically driven issue leading to communal disharmony in the district in the past.Such kind of statements and press release proves that IPF seeks such dreadful incidents to happen again in our district by spreading the venom of communal disharmony.  As such we appeal to our brothers and sisters of each and every tribe and the common people of Dima Hasao as a whole not to fall into the trap of such anti-social organization (IPF) and not to follow their dictate by defying bandh. Instead maintain peace and prevailing brotherhood relationship among each other and work together hand in hand irrespective of tribe,caste,religion for the development and prosperity of the district.”

They  also urge the District Administration, Council Representatives and Government of Assam  to kindly look into and take strict legal actions in the matter concern and ban such organization and it’s leaders for their communal and provocative statements, so that peace and harmony prevails in our district. And to take into account and invite every stakeholders at one place in future talks on any such issue to have a transparent and democratic discussion.  In any circumstances if any unavoidable incidents happens it is IPF alone who will be accountable and responsible since they have created such a sensitive issue in the minds of youths of the district with their press release, they added.