Germany shooting: Gunman kills 9 at Hanau shisha bars — live updates – CNN

A screengrab from an online video of suspect Tobias Rathjen.
A screengrab from an online video of suspect Tobias Rathjen. Credit: Getty Images

YouTube has confirmed it shut down the account of a man named Tobias Rathjen on Thursday morning, following Wednesday night’s attack in the German city of Hanau.

Police named Tobias R. as the Hanau shooter, along with his birthdate and place of birth. Those details match what Tobias Rathjen published on his website.  

YouTube told CNN that it was committed to ensuring that any content that “promotes terrorism or violent extremism” is removed. 

YouTube called the attack in Hanau “a horrific instance” and said its systems worked as intended and that its response protocol had been effective.

Before Rathjen’s account was shut down, CNN viewed the material which had been posted online. The most recent video was uploaded on February 14 and provides a link to his personal website containing xenophobic views, which has also been taken down. 

Rathjen left a letter on his website, seen by CNN, that included deeply xenophobic and racist statements. In it, he admitted he had an “aversion” to certain ethnic groups, including Turks, Moroccans, Lebanese and Kurds.