Inter-district transport begins today for stranded people

Haflong, April 25, 2020: People from Dima Hasao who were stranded in various parts of Assam are finally returning home beginning from today. As many as 115 people in first phase will be reaching their homes in Dima Hasao tonight by the government facilitated transport system.  

               People travelling by own vehicles with valid e-pass issued by the administration at the starting destination also heaved a sigh of relief to reach their homes in various places in the district of Dima Hasao.

Whereas, it has been observed that applications are still seen rushing for permission through the given online portal even after the stipulated time, the district administration with the support of the NIC (National Informatics Centre) are sorting those as per government norms for permission from the authority.  Today a total of 152 numbers of total applications were seen received since yesterday, and cumulative 101 numbers rejected due to wrong information and other reasons alike.  However conditions for people with emergency or medical reasons still remain same as earlier, which can now be applied online also.

As per the District Transport Officer, 10 numbers of vehicles have been arranged in first phase starting from tomorrow to transport the people of other districts who are stranded in Dima Hasao.

The district entry points are on alert with the medical team and police personnel, who will do the initial thermal check of all who enter the district through these points. The line listing will be forwarded to the medical department for the health surveillance team of each designated block to follow-up on people will be entering the district in wake of COVID-19 period. Any person who have entered this district will be home quarantined for 28 days.

Till date a cumulative of 996 people has been home quarantine for 28 days by the medical surveillance team. 546 have already completed their 28 days and 106 have completed 14 days of quarantine period.