Nulding Kut festival celebrated by Biates at Thuruk in Dima Hasao

Haflong, January 13, 2020 : ‘Nulding Kut’ festival was celebrated by the Biate Community on 11th January 2020 with festive fervour and gaiety at Thuruk village in Kharthong MAC constituency of Dima Hasao district.

As per information, the programme, organised by Biate Cultural Organisation, was graced by Chief Executive Member of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council Debolal Gorlosa as the Chief Guest.
The festival was also attended by Chairperson of NCHAC Ms.Ranu Langthasa, Executive Members of NCHAC Lalremsiama Darnei and Biswajit Daulagupu, MAC Ratan Jarambusa, and others.
Biate Tribes one of the ancient tribal communities alike other tribal community in Dima Hasao, during Nulding Kut man, woman were seen dressed in their customary outfit to mark the significant and imperative day at Fiangpui Village Play Ground, Haflong.
The community celebrates the festivals as renewal of life and to symbolise the beginning of New Year for new activities of life including cultivation and livelihood. The villagers come together to renew their future prospect on the other hand people forgive and forget their short coming sorrows and anger arising out of their past deed considering as a day of forgiveness.
The main attraction of the celebration was colourful cultural dances and folk songs.
The festival was also celebrated in other Biate villages, added the sources.