Pinkie Roshan Shares Throwback Video Of Hrithik Roshan Dancing

No matter 5 or 45, do you ever stop being a child to your mother? They are always the first ones to show off our accomplishments with a big smile on their face and the first ones to pull your leg or point out all the naughty things you did to get in trouble when you were young! This rule applies to moms universally, even celebrities!

The stars we see on the big screen might be bigshots but for their moms, they are just the same!Hrithik Roshan might be way into his prime 40s (and have two kids of his own) but for his mom, he is just the same little boy and she is never going to stop being proud of him!

While there is no denying the fact that Hrithik Roshan is an excellent dancer, his mom Pinkie Roshan just gave us a glimpse of his excellent skills by sharing an old video from his childhood, showing off her son’s accomplishments in the typical mom fashion! Very recently, Pinkie Roshan shared a throwback dance video featuring Hrithik Roshan, shot a good 30-35 years back and won over the internet! Captioned,

“#oncecapturedmoments”, Hrithik can be seen tapping his feet to a groovy song wearing a white and blue outfit with total confidence! Absolutely cute!

While the fans gushed over the adorable video and catching a glimpse of little Hrithik dancing like a pro, the video also reminded them of their moms! A lot many who noticed the video promptly said that Pinkie Roshan was like every mom!

Take a look at some of the comments on the video!

Eager fans also thanked Pinkie Roshan for sharing the footage!
“Star in progress. Your little angel is a great man,” wrote one netizen. Another person wrote, “Thank you very much for this lovely video.”

Well, this is not the first time that the mother-son duo has grabbed the internet’s attention! They spare no time in matching each other’s footsteps-whether in the gym or the studio. If you often wonder where Hrithik gets his energy from, take a look at Pinkie Roshan’s Instagram profile. She is just as inspiring and a fitness freak as her son! The actor also shared a video of his mom’s unbeatable energy at the age of 65, which can put any 20 something to shame! Take a look at this video! “Wait for it…

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#championoflife #supermom #loveyoumama only a mother can express joy like this”. The best mother-son duo or what?