Railway move to Close Langting- Gereso Road Oppose by Public

Haflong, December 6, 2019 : Railway department staffs, Railway Protection Force (RPF) and GRP are proposing to close Langting-Gereso road but general public strongly oppose the move, saying that it would cause untold problem for the general public of the locality, informed media by local people on December 04, 2019.
When inquired about the reason behind the move, the Railway staffs said that the road is unauthorised and crossing rail line is very risky. This is why the higher authorities of Railway department directed to block the road, they added.
On the other hand, the road is a very important route for the people of 12 (twelve) villages, and other people, since this is the link road for the local people, they have to go up and down the road everyday. Therefore, the general public demand that the road should not be blocked.