The Iron Lady with a Human Body

Smt. Elbitha Rupsi AWW of Mailongdisa AWC and the ANM Smt. Lalmuonkim Vaiphei crossing the turbulent Jatinga River to provide health services to people of Mailongdisa (Lala Basti) on 15th July 2020.

‘The Iron Lady with a Human Body’

Wading through a turbulent stream,
Forcing herself in a situation that is acutely grim.

What for ?

For helpless, for hopeless, for
the dejected, and for the needy;
And for a call of humanity in the time of hardship and misery.

That animated grin she wears on her charming face,
that speaks volume of the unwavering dedication she loves to embrace.

Those strides put in haste tpwards the targeted village
Even sore legs don’t daunt her stoic efforts and increasing pace.

She is unsung, unheard, and least hailed
for her untiring service,
Unpertubed by it, she silently upholds the humanity and peace.

“For service to humanity, she challeges the formidable challenge.”

            Written By : Sonjit Chakma and Abbhay Chakma